PhD Programme Courses offered by our department:


BIN700 – 01 Research PhD Thesis

BIN700 – 02 Research PhD Thesis

BIN700 – 03 Research PhD Thesis

BIN700 –04 Research PhD Thesis

BIN703 – Seminar 

BIN704 – Research, Research And Publication Ethics

BIN755 – Linux Operation Systems for Advanced Bioinformatics Analysis

BIN756 – Bioinformatics in Human Genetics 

BIN757 – Microarray Data Analysis and Informatics

BIN758 – Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Analysis And Informatics

BIN759 – Protein Modelling and Pathway Analysis

BIN760 – Python for Advanced Bioinformatics Analysis

BIN769 – Fundamentals of Systems Biology

BIN781 – Biological Databases And Data Analysis Tools

BIN782 – Current Topics in Bioinformatics

BIN783 – Advanced Statistical Methods In Genetic Researches 

BIN784 – Bioinformatics in Population Genetics

BIN785 – Advanced Machine Learning

BIN799 – Preparation To PhD Proficiency Exam

BIN800 – Research Studies On Thesis I

BIN801 – Research Studies On Thesis II

BIN802 – Research Studies On Thesis III

Courses available from other departments:

BHI654 – Medical Decision Support Systems

BHI661 – Medical Imaging 

CMP714 – Text Mining

CMP784 – Deep Learning

NSC701 – Neuroscience

NSC784 – Biology Of Learning And Memory

Please see  for more information about our MS programme (programme is offered in Turkish).